Introducing Cookies!

In our continuing efforts to make the AWW a better and exciting place, we will be introducing the Cookie System !

All future AWW Events/Competitions labeled " [Cookie Event] " in the title frame will be part of this system. The winners of each competition will be *given one cookie under their name in our system and in Northern Summer (Southern Winter), during the AWW Awards, the user with the most cookies will be given a Google Play/Apple Store or Amazon gift card. The value of this is currently being disputed and will be made known by myself at a later date. Each users cookie count will restart after the summer AWW awards and a new count will start for the winter awards. We will be aiming to have three to four of these events per month. This will be done during the Northern Winter (Southern Summer) as well, however users cookie count will restart after each AWW Awards.

@Cign’s event is the first event on the cookie list so if you have not signed up already, head on over there and sign up! Keep an eye out for more coming soon!

If you have any concerns or questions on how this process will work, we encourage you to ask below!

Happy flying!
- The AWW Staff Team
Disclaimer: This project is property of AWW. It may NOT be copied or replicated in any way on any other forum or community. Failure to comply with this will result in a reprimand chosen by AWW staff


Oh snap I though you meant more info stealing cookies lol.

I mean if you bake some fresh cookies tonight I may show up at your doorstep! :wink:

This is simply an award system that we are introducing! Hope ya like it! :slight_smile:

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But don’t you already have cookies?

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But I want a cookie and don’t fly on IF anymore. There should be alternatives for the people who don’t use that particular sim, like a counterpart VATSIM event for people who use desktop sims. Same goes for desktop events, there should be mobile alternatives.

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This is one issue that we are currently discussing that I brought up prior to posting this. We are working to figure out how we are going to go about doing this as we want everyone to have the equal opportunity, for now this will just be for infinite flight. But I assure you we will be working to come up with a solution that benefits everyone!

This goes for anyone else, who is not an Infinite Flight user.


What if we are but don’t have pro?

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As of now all events in infinite flight will be held on the Casual Server so if you do not have access to this then unfortunately you will not be able to attend. Sorry but if you don’t have a subscription then it just is not currently possible! Let us know if you have anymore questions though! :call_me_hand:

Hey everyone! Our next cookie event that will be coming out will be on the solo server of infinite flight so for all of you without a subscription this will be perfect. I’m not going to spoil it yet but stay tuned!

Also as @ThomasR kindly stated on the AWW discord, these events take time to make and we love making them but it is hard when people don’t show unexpectedly. If your not able to attend please let us know, because there is no issue with that at all, and it will help us a lot! We encourage you to check the timestamp for the event start time and duration and if you have any questions regarding it please don’t hesitate to ask. This is just common courtesy, and we would really appreciate it !

Can’t wait to see you guys in the next event! :cookie:

Happy Flying!


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