January 2022 Forum Changes

Happy new year everyone! :fireworks:

This topic is just going to outline the changes that have taken place and some things you need to do.

So the main change is that the Airline Groups will not be groups anymore. This is because the groups page looks very untidy and this made it difficult to find groups such as moderators (which is almost at the bottom). Furthermore, it looks unappealing to new users. As a result of this all the groups have been changed into a user field which can be customised on your profile. Unfortunately this will mean they your group flairs will not be available any longer. The groups will be available for the next two days before being deleted.

You may request new airlines in the previous topic

Secondly, you may now choose more than one option for your preferred flight simulator in your profile as this has been changed to multi select. The reason for this is simple some of you may play more than one simulator.


Wohoo! New year new updates!

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Not the most exciting ones but its something :laughing:

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