JetBlue A321 landing at SFO

Hey all, today I decide to return to Infinite Flight because quite frankly, I just like flight sims even tho I still don’t have pro subscriptions and I’m not gonna get one any sooner(at least this year) so what you’ll be seeing are all solo shots. Anyway, I just did some landings at San Francisco International Airport.


Awesome!! Great job showin SFO some love!


Great landing! Also nice Airbus :sunglasses:


Lol, I have 3 people who said that I miss the touchdown zone because they thought I touchdown after the touchdown zone

That happens all the time IRL though :joy:

So if you missed a bit, no need to worry. Those people might have landed past the touchdown zone themselves too. :slight_smile:

So did I miss the touchdown zone, I would have thought there’re 3

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