JetBlue Invests In Hydrogen Powered Flight

JetBlue today revealed a sizable investment in the realization of hydrogen-powered flight. The US hybrid carrier’s technology venture subsidiary invested part of the $20.5 million raised by Universal Hydrogen, which hopes to make hydrogen flight a reality.

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@anon70057228 I think you will find this interesting. What do you think?

Personally I like Hydrogen power over electric so I’m for it.


I thought electric doesn’t affect climate change


I am everything for saving the environment, even if that’s at risk of losing our beautiful jet engines which sound amazing. I am for it… I’m just not exactly sure that, A. This is something that’s actually possible, and B. There are plenty of airline CEOs that don’t even think that climate change is real, so they will continue to expand with jet engines and I just don’t see this after becoming a widespread thing being used within the next 30 years.

I am, however extremely excited to see jetBlue being the first one to invest in this because I think that environment is number one above all (except for safety, obviously)