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Welcome To The Official JetBlue Virtual Thread

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Welcome To JetBlue Virtual’s Official Thread! We at JetBlue Virtual strive to make our VA to the best it can be. We were founded on November 5, 2021 and from then, we have continued to make our VA to the best it can be.

We have 8 amazing staff members. View them below:

@skye | President | JBVA001
@Kev_O | Vice President | JBVA002
@Benito007 | Training Director/Senior Ops Manager | JBVA003
@Alex_Everything | Routes Director | JBVA004
@True_Gamer_Moment | Programs Director | JBVA005
@Andrew_Calvin | Operations Manager | JBVA006
@MichiganAviation | Flight Director | JBVA007
@Southwest_2115 | Events Manager | JBVA008
@Kason009 | Content Creator | JBVA009
@Merge_Editz | PIREP Manager | JBVA010

We have 4 spectacular aircraft in our fleet, these include:

Embraer E190

Airbus A320

Airbus A321

Airbus A220

We also have our codeshare fleet which are from similarly operated VAs like us.

Ranks Information:

New Hire - 0-15 Hours - Embraer E190
First Officer - 15-50 Hours - Airbus A320 and anv previous aircrafts
Captain - 50 - 80 Hours - Airbus A321 and anv previous aircraft
Commander - 80 - 150 Hours - Airbus A220 or any previous aircraft
Senior Commander - 150+ Hours - All JetBlue Aircraft

We use VACenter as our CrewCenter. It is a high tech, multi-feature CrewCenter made for Virtual Airlines.


We currently have about 230 routes at the moment, and about 400 including codeshare routes. The map above shows JetBlue’s (IRL) routes.

We have multiple programs. View all of them below.


For pilots ranked Commander and above, the BlueForYou is a special program that includes a 1.4x multiplier on all flights, exclusive staff group flights, and much more cool perks.

Career Mode:

We have our Career Mode that makes our crews flying experience more realistic. The pilot takes off from where they previously landed, which copies real life operations.

Training Program:

Pilots who would like to learn how to fly can sign up for our Training Program led by our staff team. Pilots can also get sent to this program for not having proper behavior while flying.

Ready to join the awesomeness? Go ahead and apply by clicking the button below!


Thanks For Reading

JetBlue Virtual is not affiliated with the real world JetBlue Airways and all names, colors, and logos remain to the property of JetBlue Airways.

Created By JetBlue Virtual


We’re so excited to open the doors of JetBlue Virtual to the AWC!


Very nice website I must say.


Amazing! Happy to be staff at JBVA!


Thanks alot for your kind comments!


We’re glad to have you with us!


This is pretty cool, only thing I don’t like is the font but whatever.

Also, will this ever expand outside of IF?

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Yes! We actually currently do have a small compatibility with MSFS, but we do prefer that our pilots fly on IF. If you’d like to join and fly on MSFS, feel free to but it means you won’t be able to participate in community events/group flights.


Thanks alot! :smiley:

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Ooh nice. I play X-plane 11 (Soon X-Plane 12), although if I ever get FS2020, I’ll think about it.

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Impressive all around, it was a blast getting this VA approved and I’m excited and thankful y’all chose to advertise here on the AWW. I look forward to flying with y’all!


Thanks for your kind comments! We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the JBVA fam!


i have msfs but only for yboy and therefore no joystick support. however i do have fsx:se rn so could that be added as well? i may join if yes

Yeah, basically the same thing. So go ahead and apply if you’d like.

For the grade table question just include a random image.

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kind of a joke question but would i be able to fly my own routes if it’s connected to a hub?

Unfortunately, no. You can only fly JetBlue and our selection of codeshares.

Although we make you choose a hub, we do not have hub restrictions, unless you wish to join our Career Mode program.


I fly on JetBlue IRL 2x, both times were heading to Las Vegas. 3 years ago in 2019, we were flying from JFK and last year in 2021 was at Bradley. In 2019, we flown an ERJ-190, I think and in 2021, it’s an A320. Here’s just a shot of the JetBlue A320 landing at Las Vegas


I submitted mine, I’ll fly on FSX SE

Sounds good. We’ll take a look.

This Week’s Stats!

This week at JetBlue Virtual, we:

Filed 22 PIREPs
Recruited 8 Pilots
Hosted 1 Giveaway

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