KLM Pilots Report Of Possible UFO Sighting Over Canada

A KLM flight from Boston to Amsterdam on 30th July saw something interesting during its flight near Newfoundland, Canada. Pilots reportedly saw a “bright green object” from the cockpit, which had no impact on operations. Notably, another aircraft in the area, Canadian military C-17, also spotted the same object. Let’s investigate more.

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I mean, we did see something with that fighter jet and the Pentagon…

Maybe it’s just a big green slime lmao.

I hope it really goes well when we meet these extraterrestrial beings. It could either go great or horribly wrong. Our population is not too welcoming either unfortunately but hope for the best. I really hope official contact with extraterrestrials occurs in my physical lifetime no matter the outcome.

Define meet Pls

Tbh I think we are attracting unwanted attention to ourselves.

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