Landing in Paro

Man I was sweating. Took two attempts as well. I used to think Paro wasn’t that hard, then I tried it for myself today. Landing rate was -518, but it was Paro so who cares?

Druk Air/Royal Bhutan Airlines A319

Delhi (VIDP/DEL) - Paro (VQPR/PBH)


next up: 737-300

Bouncy bounce lol. Yeah that airport is hard.

Question, how do you sweat flying in a simulator

Cause my room gets very hot mostly

get an air conditioner and lower it to 15 degrees like I do :sunglasses:

Also didn’t you land there some time ago?

Ooh nice video! I don’t think I’ve ever flown to Paro before, guess I need to check it out!

Nope, this is my first time. I’ve landed in Tegucigalpa before, that was easy africk compared to this