Las Vegas McCarran Airport Set To Be Renamed

Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport (LAS) will be renamed after politician Harry Reid. The Clark County Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to name the airport after the former United States Senator from Nevada.

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What y’all think about the name? I know some people absolutely hate it…

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So r we gonna have a bot spamming news lol

To encourage conversation - lets not forget this is the aviation side of our community… :wink:


McCarran was literally one of the pioneering aviation legislators in the very beginning. I just learned that, I think it’s a very dumb idea.


Nope. We select what it posts. Luckily :sweat_smile:


Most people (i.e., non-avgeeks) don’t look at airport names when booking a flight, so this is pretty much inconsequential in the long run.

It’ll be interesting to see if other airport names will be changed…


Fair point, I still think it’s dumb as Senator McCarran was a pioneering person in the regulation of aviation in the beginning.

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They should have stayed with the name. There was nothing wrong with it.

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Ahh yes, the if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Exactly that

I don’t like it when they change a name that suited well in the first place. However, as Azure said most people won’t realise however, it saddens us Av-geeks.





Why would they rename the airport after a senator? Also check this

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I mean, it is already named after a senator

I think we should just keep it as is

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I agree, there really is no reason to change it.

They didn’t but why would some people wanna do that? It looks good enough, the one we have currently

oh come on…

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