Least Favorite Airport?

Mine is MSP because they commonly have 10+ hour delays :roll_eyes:

What’s yours and why?

cc: @Kineheber

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Honestly all depends on the experience. Nadi was a gorgeous vacation, but a small, dirty, old airport. It did have open air boarding which was cool…

To answer though, I’d say either Nadi or Reykjavik. Had not so great experiences at both.

Worst: Newark International Airport/KEWR
Second Worse: LaGuardia Airport/KLGA

Reason for worst: Bad delays and hard to get from Terminal A to Terminal C.
Reason for second worst: Just plain out horrible delays. I was stuck in the Terminal from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm even though the flight was a 1:00 pm. Laguardia would be the worst if I was not able to planespot.

Oh yes, that too. I was once delayed 7 hours at sEWR and had to wait it out at my gate, that wasn’t very epic

Dang. I could not imaging it at KEWR. At least at Laguardia I was able to planespot a bit.

I was heading back to Austin after seeing some relatives over the summer. We were flying Southwest from EWR-AUS (back when they flew to EWR), and our plane was actually Lone Star One, but we were delayed in boarding, and then later saw the engine cowlings open, which is something you never want to see lol. Ended up having to maintenance that aircraft, so we had to wait for a different 737 to take us home, which we waited about 4 hours for before finally boarding at about 1 am.

TXKF’s old terminal

Any United hub

Except for Dulles, they have 3 amazing terminal buildings and 5 amazing concourses. And the Turkish Airlines Star Alliance Lounge is :star_struck:

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Am I like turbulence and it’s ALWAYS bumpy coming into Dulles.

Dallas Fort Worth because basically every flight is delayed because of weather, and because it is an American Airlines hub.

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I dont like KLAS (dont kill me pls ;-; ) , just had a bad experience there and its filled to the brim with slot machines lol

I would be concerned if it wasn’t


It’s literally sunny right now.

Seoul Incheon.

Well that’s the reason why, when you get hot temps and humidity you get convection which leads to those thunderstorms.

Can’t believe no one said Heathrow…

Way to busy, at least 3-4 hours from landing till you get out of the airport. (Pre COVID)

Definitely Heathrow, my life was abt to end there!


I do like it, but it’s massive size can be annoying.