Long Haul Narrowbody Flights Won’t Be Too Bad For Passengers: Here’s Why

Long-haul narrowbody routes are set to explode in a few years as new aircraft types reach airlines. The entry of the Airbus A321LR, the upcoming A321XLR, and possibly the Boeing NMA could all change the way we fly. However, many have express concern over flying 7+ hours in a smaller narrowbody aircraft compared to traditional widebodies. But long-haul narrowbody flight won’t be too bad for passengers. Here are a few reasons why.

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It all depends on the airline and their level of service. I’d never take AA transatlantic on a narrow body (they’d find a way to squeeze in 240 seats with no form of in-flight entertainment), but if jetBlue or Delta started to do so I wouldn’t care what type of plane I would get.

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I don’t feel like being stuck on an small A321 for hours.

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I’m fine cross Atlantic on a 737, not an A320 though

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I don’t see why so many people are against the idea of narrow body long hauls. Before the 747, all long hauls were with narrow bodies and piston aircraft.

And they all had like a bunch of layovers to refuel. Never mind they weren’t allowed to be gliding distance from an airport causing even more issues.

The 707 and DC-8 flew trans Atlantic non-stop. The L-1049 did as well.

Yeah, about those, those aren’t narrow bodies. Plus the glide rule only applied to twins, and all those planes are four engines so the rule doesn’t apply there either.

The 707 is very much a narrow body.
I’m talking from a passenger perspective, in which I don’t see why long haul narrow-body flights would be hard on passengers.

For the time of the 707, do you think it would be considered small, a narrow body. Because clearly you haven’t been an the truest narrow body of all time, and the only plane I’ll call a narrow body, the ERJ145/135. Those things are tiny, and the 707’s body is very much wider than that of an E-145/135 (I’ll also say the CRJ family is a bit narrow, but it’s less narrow than the ERJ145)

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I have been on E145s.
So let me rephrase myself, single-aisle jets.

And you just out till the L-1049 super consolation