Hello community

Today I did a flight from Heathrow :uk: to Warsaw in Poland :poland:. As as predicted before the landing was Ryanair style. Other than that the flight was uneventful. @ThomasR followed me around in a Jet for a while I couldn’t see you but not sure if you have any pictures.

Departure from Heathrow runway 09R

Descending into Warsaw

Hello sun :sunny:

Thanks for viewing!


Ahh next time I gotta join! :frowning:

Very nice pictures, #2 is my fav :slight_smile:

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To watch me land? :joy: :rofl:

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Sure! Or escort ya, @Kineheber & @oklahomaaviation and I are pretty good fighter pilots ! :slight_smile:

Yes, I definitely know how to fly a fighter jet. They call me Maverick.

Kidding, I have no idea

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Beautiful pictures!

Thanks Adrian

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Now reply to my “Hello AWW!” :joy:

Great shots Ondrejj! Got some but not the best. Probably could’ve tightened up the formation!

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Very nice! I would have slowed down a little but as always when I fly I get homeilitis lol.

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