Lufthansa Operates Flight 2222 To Toulouse On 22-02-2022

Today is the palindrome and ambigram twosday (22-02-2022), and Lufthansa is celebrating it with a very own special flight between Munich and Toulouse. The German airline is operating its Flight 2222 to the delight of palindrome and avgeek fans around the world. Let’s investigate further.

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Well this is fun:
Audio here: Hammer geile Lufthansa Ansage in München - YouTube


Too bad it didn’t depart out of gate 22 or will arrive into gate 22


Ugh this 2/22/2022 stuff is driving me crazy, it’s so overhyped.

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Toulouse?! More like Twolouse lol

haha probably is. If I ran an airline I certainly wouldn’t bother doing this.

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