Major Lessor Tells Boeing To Sort 787 Issues Before Starting A New Plane

While much talk has focused on what plane Boeing will develop next, major leasing company Air Lease Corporation believes the answer should be none. During its earnings call yesterday, CEO John Plueger said that the planemaker should focus on getting its own house in order, specifically noting that a resolution to the ongoing problems with the 787 Dreamliner should be a priority.

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So what do Boeing fans think of this? :crazy_face:

I agree with them the 787 has had its fair share of issues so I think that they should fix those and spend some time there before devoting themselves to creating a new aircraft.

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787 is scrumptious end of story.

No issues with the planes.

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It has multiple issues that as an airbus fan I feel obliged to mention to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows melting
Engine vibration
Wing cracks (something like that I believe)

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Windows melting ??? It’s like -60 degrees in the sky … are you doing some sort of witch craft ?

Engine vibration — yea ig. Only thing I noticed when I fly them is that the spoilers are super loud but I love loud when it comes to planes :yum:!

You sure that ain the spoilers? —- Glasses ?


Your prolly right about this stuff but I gotta defend the squad yktv

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Yes. You should have known from the start

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I had a feeling but wasn’t :100:

That’s the airlines problem, I fly United (the best :smirk:) and the windows are always in perfect condition. Someone probably stuck some lava on the window for a camera shoot and to gather all you airbus fans.

It was indeed entertaining for us. Waayyy better than TV :grin:

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