Microsoft Flight Simulator - Coming to Xbox Series X|S!

It has been announced today during the E3 that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released for Xbox Series X|S on July 27th, 2021!

Check out this trailer for a preview:

It has also been said there will be a Top Gun expansion with Paramount Studios coming fall 2021.

Are you excited for this and will you be getting it on Xbox?


Yes I saw and I share that to insta story too

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Thomas I can tell you are really hyped for this lol

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Nah. I’m ps4 gang :sunglasses:.

Tbh, I don’t really see how it’ll go too well on xbox. They’re going to have to cut out a lot of the interactivity in the sim as there’s only so many button assignments that you can do on a controller. It’ll end up being more like a game than a simulator.

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I mean they are going to keep working with third parties to enhance the experience with additional peripherals… so it should get better. Some supported can be found here: so I wouldn’t say it’s all controller based. Would say it should be ok experience for a console imo. It will still be better on PC obviously as you have more options.

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@CaptainLeo1 @Kineheber I’ll get game pass for this


Not long to go for this now. I’m curious if anyone else in the community will be getting this on the Xbox Series X or S? I’m still curious around supported peripherals and I’m hanging on to see. I have downloaded the intelligent install file on mine which is available at the moment. This just basically puts you in a download queue.

@oklahomaaviation I will totally join you if you get it.


Um wat about meee :pleading_face:

Oh yeah! How could I forget you? Let’s fly sometime after release (or when you get it).

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Ok so since you’re a mod on their forum I have some questions to ask. Can I fly multiplayer on their even if I don’t have Xbox live? And is it possible to get the game even if I don’t have Xbox game pass? I’ll be playing on Xbox One S btw. I forgot whether I have a One S or X lol but I think One S

Pretty sure that’s different to the Series S?

I’ve had it for 3ish years so…

I don’t believe it’s supported.

panic attack 😮‍💨

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I think they mentioned this in a recent Q&A and it’s TBC soon.

Yes, but you’d have to buy it I believe.

I am not in a financial position to buy a new Xbox come on Microsoft do some magic :weary:

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Free admission to my kissing booth if y’all spare my model of Xbox :upside_down_face:

They are working on something for Xbox One via XCloud.

Yeah and also proved you wrong (I think)

Lol yes. I just meant they haven’t officially supported yet as it’s still WIP. They said they were working on something for support as per stream above but no date. :wink: