More Aviation Related Emojis

Hello AWC! Today I would like to propose some aviation emojis be added to our itinerary. The only Av related emojis right now are the standard Apple ones: :airplane:, :flight_arrival:, :flight_departure:, and :small_airplane:. As this is an aviation-focused forum, it seems we should have more. For example, a Boeing logo, a GA plane, or airline logos. What do you think? I have been on Discord servers with special emojis so I assume we can do that here.


Awesome idea! You have my vote! :crazy_face:

Great idea! We’ll discuss it as a team and keep you updated

I’ll work on this in a while. if anyone has any suggestions post them here :wink:

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If there’s a Boeing logo, why can’t there be one for Airbus? :wink:


I hoped there would be, a Boeing logo was an example of how we could do manufacturer logos, we could do Airbus, Cessna, Embraer, Mitsubishi, etc. @Ondrej

:delta_logo: :ezy: :lingus: :ryanair: :airbus_logo: :aa: :boeing: :embraer:

Some progress. I’ve messed something up so it will take a little longer to get it fully working



Testing it.

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That’s a thin Boeing lel

I’ll try to get a different image.

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I think it’s because there are more than three emojis, lemme try


oof nope

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Just do the shorter version, instead of the whole logo. For example, this for Boeing:
Boeing logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

or this for swa
Southwest Airlines Logo, history, meaning, symbol, PNG

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Yes please :star_struck:

@BonaireDude and @SimCaptain some of those images don’t want to work so I’ll need to fix that. However, for the most part we do have some emojis. Some of them do need better images.


Yay! That was much smoother than a :ryanair: landing!

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:joy: it wasn’t easy :easyjet: to set that up

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You did a jumbo :boeing: job!

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@Ondrej maybe also an AWC logo?

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We had one before and since we changed logos I never added it back. Thanks for reminding me.

Here you are :aww: :aww:

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