My 1 year anniversary

I know that this is a bit late.

My 1 year anniversary of being on the AWW happened a few days ago (so I guess I’ve been with y’all since a few days after the community was made). I’ve really enjoyed my 1st year here especially the Continue Here thread. I’ve had several good conversations here. I’ve had some arguments but luckily they have all been resolved. All y’all have made my 1st year here great. There is no one on here that I dislike. Special thanks to @SimCaptain @oklahomaaviation @CPT_Colorado and @Ondrej . There are probably several people that I’ve forgotten here but once again thanks for making this 1st year great!

Happy flying- Juan Tavares


Aw thanks Stormy! I’m sure I can speak on everyone’s behalf and extend a thank you for your kind words. You have been a very active and contributing member that has made an impact on the growth of our community. We look forward to many more years with you as a part of us! :heart:

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Thanks so much Man! You’re an amazing member of the community (so is everyone else) we appreciate your contributions.

Have a great day :tada::grinning:

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Thanks y’all. That means a lot.

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Happy anniversary!


Thankyou. Happy late anniversary to you aswell!

What do you mean?

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Your anniversary was on the 5th

5th Nov 2021 not 2020 :wink:

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I joined 366 days after @Ondrej


Oops. Maybe I should pay better attention

Well shucks I appreciate it stormy, glad to have you as a friend! Cheers to another year!


Thanks. Cheers to you aswell

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