My First flight on the 737 Max 9 SFO - SEA!

Hey Guys!!

Two days ago I flew San Francisco to Seattle on the United Boeing 737 Max 9 continental livery aircraft! I am here touring university’s and later today on Flight # Alaska 2268 I will be going to Eugene Oregon to look at the university of Oregon! Here are my pics from my last flight hope you enjoy!

Overall it was a great flight on United as usual but the landing was a tad hard… it did look a little windy so maybe that’s why. But I really enjoyed it!
More coming soon :airplane::airplane:


Nice pictures and flight!

That’s my style of landing on IF haha.


Lol, it do be like that sometimes!

I board in 5 minutes and I will be going on my first Dash8 turboprop!

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Lovely photos bud. Can’t wait to get back in the air! Got an EasyJet flight booked in a month or two. Would be my first in well over a year gonna be an interesting experience to say the least. Not sure if I’m gonna be out-of-sorts after that long without travel.

Great shots Leo! Seems like a worthwhile trip for sure. You flew on a MAX? Nice! :wink:

[insert European airline here]

Oh exciting! Make sure to grab pics.

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Yes I will definitely take some shots! I just boarded see y’all later!


So lucky Leo have fun

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