My flight SFO - BUR !!!

Hey everyone!

Yesterday (6/14) I flew San Francisco to Burbank on Southwest Airlines! I didn’t do a full trip report but I did record takeoff and arrival footage which will be uploaded on my YouTube ( CaptainLeo1 ).

The flight time was approximately 52 minutes and we cruised at 31,000 feet! Our aircraft was N256WN a canyon blue livery.

Enjoy the pictures from my trip!

Here we have them testing the reverser as there was an issue with the right one. Luckily they fixed it!!

Guess what airport that is @clayviation :wink:

Let me know what you guys think below, hope you enjoyed! After I do the return flight on Thursday I will be posting a spotting topic with pics from both airport! :slight_smile:


Amazing photos! Can’t wait to fly again!!!


I hope you had a great flight! I love the 7th picture :heart_eyes:


Yes I really enjoyed! Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Amazing photos! Southwest is a great airline to fly

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By the way how was the landing?

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Lol, pretty hard. Although when I go back and watch the video of the landing it doesn’t look bad… Compared to my normal landings this was a little more tough.

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Fantastic photos! Looks like you had a awesome time, just shows how lil’ we appreciated travel when we were allowed. The thought of going on an aircraft - so jealous! :weary:

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