My Flight Was Cancelled – Now What?

Flight cancellations, unfortunately, do happen, and they can be very frustrating. Knowing what to do and when can really help the situation. This article takes a quick look at the main things to bear in mind when looking at options following a flight cancellation.

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Buy another ticket


And if the airline doesn’t refund you?

Reminds me of Ryanair @ThomasR

Flight got cancelled?

-get near onto the aircraft you were supposed to fly on

-Call the aircraft’s manufacturer and request for a exact copy of the aircraft

-Ask Elon Musk for some million dollars

-Fly the plane to your destination.

Voila, Canceled flights are no more!


Get a refund or fly later. And of course if you are like Thomas or me… Don’t forget to complain :crazy_face:


Never Complain is my motto, just sue them

This happened to me when we were heading to San Francisco in Virgin America airline from JFK, we miss our flight because we were eating McDonald and we took another flight of the same airline(I don’t know why we’re allow to do that) and instead of our original flight via Los Angeles, it’s a direct flight.

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I’m looking at the flight status screens every few mins after we nearly boarded a flight to China instead of Liverpool lol. Basically they didn’t announce anything and luckily I noticed. Unfortunately the other gate was ages away. Now at Madrid Airport it tells you that it does not announce any changes over pa.

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What I don’t get is after we miss our flight(I just realized this), why can we take another flight even if it’s heading to the same destination? The flight wasn’t cancelled, we missed our flight