Name An Aviation Song!

So, I recently thought of making a topic on the forum and couldn’t exactly find something I wanted to. I put 2 of my favourite things together (aviation and music) and came up with this idea! Not sure how it’ll actually work, but we can give it a go!

So basically, there’s songs about everything and it’s sort of a game, where you can name songs that are aviation related and to make it even more fun, there may be a specific part of a song that talks about a particular airline, aircraft or hints at something like that. On top of this, many airlines advertise, so even finding a song that an airline has used in an advertising campaign and everyone can guess which airline used it. It’s up to you what format you would like to use, so I’ll start!

I’ll say Airplanes by BOB and Hayley Williams. Of course the title suggests aircraft anyways, but I just wanted to see how many songs we could find that relate to aviation in some way, that’s the point of the topic.



Can we do songs airlines use in an advertisement?

Yeah sure. I didn’t want to make separate topics for every idea so I combined them.

The best one imo:

Oh yes, an iconic video and song indeed!

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Yes that one is rly good but I think you have to admit that this is the best Mask On SFO! - YouTube

This one is @oklahomaaviation favorite :wink: Go Around - YouTube


This is without a doubt the best aviation song:


I 100% agree that this is the best song ever.

Absolute banger

It is a very important message for all pilots, actually.

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Bruh and it’s country. Nothing beats country

(I realize I’m gonna get ALOT of hate for saying this)

EVERYTHING beats country lol. This is the only country song I’ve ever liked :rofl:


How Dare you!

Ima be blasting country out of my pickup when my parents (hopefully) buy me one.