New 757 entering Asia?

Hey all! I just read a pretty cool article Airline agrees to acquire six Boeing 757s to connect Asia-Pacific with the U.S. - about Northern Pacific entering Asia. A pretty ambitious newly founded airline, I am excited to see if they will pull through with their plans. It also looks like they may be expanding outside service to places like Korea and add in connecting flights that go to places like Beijing, Taiwan, Hong Hong, and Thailand. That is all questionable but if it does become a reality these could be some pretty cool flights and a good chance for some avgeeks to try something new!

What do you guys think… is this possible, and would you fly with them if you planned on connecting through the US to Asia? Also what do you guys think of their livery, personally I like it!

@texasaviation Maybe you should be our guinea pig and stop in Anchorage and take Northern Pacific to Seoul when you go!


Oh absolutely I will, boss


So a 757 will fly from US to Asia. Seems cool!


Yes but they may also introduce some asian mini hubs!