New category idea

Just now we seem to have a main #flight-simulation category on the community which we can post about any flight simulator we wish to do so.
I am now proposing that we make a separate category per flight simulators to make it more organised and accessible so we can clearly see which simulator it’s in relation too.
Some of the initial categories could be

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Infinite Flight
X Plane
Real Flight Simulator
P3D etc


Thanks for your suggestion to improve the forum. That is going to be a lot of categories if we have to support a number of different flight simulators.

I don’t see this happening anytime soon as we’ve already got tags for this purpose. These are much neater than a whole dedicated category, you can simply tag the topic with the relevant simulator. Users will still be able to find topics with tags from this page. As you may see on there, we currently have a whole host of flight simulation tags for use covering many simulators. These can be added when creating your topic and saves the hassle of creating multiple categories which will clutter up.


Fair point thanks

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