New easyJet livery

Hello AWW

I did a short hop from Edinburgh to Amsterdam in the new easyjet A320 livery. I could have gone further but by the time I finished my battery had gone from 100 to around 60% which is very Oof!

I love this picture. I think I have a new pfp or profile header on IFC :heart_eyes:

After taking off from Edinburgh turning south east

Thanks for viewing! :blush:


Nice!! I canโ€™t wait till beta is over so I can get the update ( I donโ€™t have beta- I donโ€™t rly want it either) Rather wait for the premium launch :smirk:

I may have to try out that new livery :wink:

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It do be looking nice

Amazing photos!

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Great shots as always, Ondrej! Thanks for flying from my home land! That new easyJet livery is certainly looking fresh. Great new addition to the sim! :orange_heart:

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Thanks! I agree Iโ€™ve been waiting ages for that livery and it is finally here :tada:

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