New FedEx aircraft

FedEx are looking to get some new freighters as there is a rise of e-commerce. Do you think that they will go for Airbus or Boeing? I think they will choose Boeing as they seem to use the 777 already.

What do you think?


FedEx F-18


I think that would change the definition of ‘same day delivery’ lol. Literally a ‘next few minutes’ delivery :joy:

Ngl, they need to make a fixed-wing UAV like unmanned combat aerial vehicle except they are for cargo delivery so I would have like that.

Mate its for delivery. I don’t want my parcel attached to a missile lol

No, it’s not designed for combat. Weapons are prohibited on these Unmanned fix-wing aerial vehicles. I think you misunderstand what I’m trying to say here

But I asked for Airbus or Boeing :wink:

I wish Boeing can make a fix-wing UAV for cargo delivery usage, the UAV should be something like this:

We need some sort of a fix-wing UAV build by either company for the whole purpose of cargo delivery instead of a rotorcraft, that’s all I’m saying

The world's largest cargo airline FedEx is preparing for a shopping spree on the back of a massive rise in e-commerce during the global pandemic. With new freighter offerings now available from the two leading manufacturers, competition for the vast FedEx order is likely to be fierce.

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You would suggest that lol

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Can’t believe this convo is even happening😂


Oh, I absolutely don’t want my parcel to self-destruct on touchdown. :boom:

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Anything is possible when talking to me :rofl:

Definitely hope they don’t choose an A380F lol. Oooh a 748F would be cool