New Festive Theme ❄️

It’s the Festive Season!

Hello Everyone,

It’s December already! What a year it has been so far right? We’re really excited to present our new Festive theme for this year. This will run throughout the month of December. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on this theme (that is a tongue twister) so we hope you like it as much as we do!

How to I change the theme?

In order to change to the Christmas Theme :christmas_tree: theme, go to the hamburger menu scroll down to Theme Selector and select Festive. Alternatively, go to your profile → preferences → interface → Theme → & select Festive.


As always, feedback is welcome through the #meta category using the #Theme-issue tag. Although we have spent a few days testing the theme, there may still be something that has slipped past us. We can alter this theme throughout the month based on user feedback. You may also see staff modifying the theme with some new changes throughout December.

Custom Titles!

Do you want a title? Or perhaps you just want a title? Or maybe you even just want a title? Then don’t worry because help is at hand. Yes that’s right! For this month only, you can get a custom festive title.
Use before 3rd January 2022 because then its abolished. T&Cs apply :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
To request your custom title, please check out this topic:


Ondrej you are a genius

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Thanks but it wasn’t all me you’ve got Thomas to call Einstein too :wink:


whoever helped is also a genius…love the theme alot


No really, I appreciate your kind words :heart:


This was a challenge haha!


It definitely was! I still need to fix that thing.

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