New Theme!

Good Day, Everyone!

As you have seen in this topic, I’ve been promoted to Technical Staff, and that means that I’ll be helping out the AWW with technical stuff. My first order of business is to share with you our newest theme:

Beach Theme

I made this theme myself, and both @Ondrej and @SFFDesigns enjoyed it, so they are allowing the theme to go public! If you notice any issues with any part of the theme, please put a post in #meta with the tag #Theme-issue. The theme isn’t like anything seen before on the AWW, and will be available seasonally from Spring to the end of Summer. I’m so happy to be able to release this theme to you guys, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I!

In order to change to this theme, go to the hamburger menu from any page, scroll down to Theme Selector and select Beach. The other way to do this is to go to your profile → preferences → interface → Theme → select Beach.


Looks fantastic Baseball; really really talented theme creator! Great work and looking forward to more! Glad we hired you! :heart_eyes:


reeeeeeeee light-based theme aaaaaaaaa my eyes :fire::fire::fire:


force dark mode


I’m lovin this theme!

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I’ll make a dark-ish mode for it soon


Thank you very much

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Can’t wait! My eyes don’t get along with me when I use light :sunglasses: