New TL3 System & Reshuffle

Hello everyone!

As we continually strive to make the Aviators Worldwide community a better place, in line with this we have changed the way that our TL3 (regular) members are going to be promoted going forward. Before, we used to let @system promote users when they met the requirements. Whilst this mostly was a good way to pick out new TL3 users, it was too easy to reach TL3. Previously, all you had to do was post and be active for a considerate period of time. These automatic requirements don’t take into account other metrics that make a good TL3 user such as:

  • Being kind and welcoming
  • Guiding other users
  • Moderators can rely on you
  • Staying loyal to the community. This includes things like being active on a regular basis, participating in a diverse range of categories and topics not just Random chat
  • Reflecting the community while both within the community and outside of it
  • Providing sincere messages, rather than simply copy and pasting previous welcome messages
  • Showing willingness to help with promotion of the forum. This means showing a determination for forum growth by helping promote the forum to new users / getting sign ups on various platforms. We’re always looking to grow the community and would certainly appreciate your help!

By removing the automatic promotion, this reshuffle means moderators will now have the ability to promote users manually if they catch their eye. We will seek to add new regulars who demonstrate the above, and this comes with many advantages. You can show you are more suitable, rather than relying on stock requirements, therefore you can be promoted quicker.

We do expect regulars to be maintaining that title overtime however, maintaining the above, and will look to cycle new users in and out if necessary to maintain quality. We will still evaluate other metrics when deciding to promote such as flagged posts, user notes etc.

We hope this message makes sense, and if there is any confusion the staff and moderation team will be on standby to answer any inquiries you have. As always, we strive to make the community better, and if you have any suggestions or recommendations on making the AWW a better place for all, please send a message to @community_management

Clear skies and tailwinds,

AWW Staff


Also being FaBuLoUs helps :nail_care:



It seems that the addition of your new fabulous standard has caused the removal of @oklahomaaviation from the TL3 team :joy:

Nice system

Fun fact I literally proposed this standard :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:


Ooooh darn looks like I’m not getting that prized tl3 anytime soon lol(jk )

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“Do something to make us add you…”

Stolen from the IF Beta Testing Requirements :crazy_face:

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Alrighty then! (Insert maniacal laughter here)


I also take serious Scottish bribes.


Me: Immediately starts looking for the most expensive Scottish food. :joy::joy::joy: jk of course. I hope the system is not corrupt.

Doesn’t hurt you to know the system requirements because they are all maxed out to 2000000000. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good job achieving that

Time to become active 24/7 365. :joy:

Yep. Although I doubt you would get it if you spent a whole year trying. You need to be active over 3000%

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4000/7 365

If I give you a kilt, chocolate, Haggis, and maybe some gin will you make me your boss?


That’s definitely how I got Moderator then… :crazy_face: