Official AWW Landing Competition 7/8/21 1700Z @MHTG [Cookie Event]


 Welcome to another AWW Landing competition! 

Today’s event features a Landing competition at MHTG in #Infinite-Flight. This airport does have 3D buildings in Infinite Flight!!

Honduras is a country in Central America, it is home to more than 25 different languages! Fun fact Honduras is called the land of the trees, people say this because Honduras has some of the richest soil on planet Earth!!

There will be three main rounds and one champion round if needed. Everyone will participate in the first 3 rounds and each round will have a winner. If one user wins two rounds they will be deemed the winner, if there is a tie the winners after the 3 rounds will go into a champion round.
Each user will do one pattern per round, after you land you may despawn and respawn at your assigned gate with the next rounds aircraft or you can taxi back to your gate to watch. I will be judging from gate GA Apron 4, please contact myself with any issues that may arise! All users including staff may attend.

Round 1: B717-200 - Livery any

Round 2: A321-200 - Livery any

Round 3: B757-200 - Livery any

The order of pushback is by your gate so once the person in front of you pushes back and begins taxi you may go. This will be held on the casual server of #Infinite-Flight. The weight of your aircraft is up to you, whatever you feel is right for the best landing. Your flying skills will not be judged on the initial phase of the pattern but your final approach will be. But please keep your aircraft under control, as points will be docked if there is mischief!!

Gates + Signups

Gate 01: @Canadian_Aviator
Gate 02: @RileyBozina
Remote Stand 04: @Earagail
Remote Stand 05
Remote stand 06:
Remote Stand 07:
Remote Stand 08:
Remote Stand 09:
Remote Stand 10:
GA Apron 02:
GA Apron 01: @CaptainLeo1

Once again please check out the post regarding our Cookie System if you have not yet already done so.

Please drop your name below if you can attend and!

Happy flying!



Ye surely there is free MHTG and B752

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By the way MHTG is in Honduras :slight_smile:
I’m interested!


Awesome, hope to see you there :call_me_hand:


Hopefully I’ll be able to join, haven’t been able to join any other cookie event (bc my sleep schedule is stupid and I can’t be trusted to wake up at 3) but let’s hope it’s alright this time. To be safe, I put myself as interested


Let’s switch locations, that way you’ll get a nice 2pm lol


Lmao that’d be great thanks


Just a cookie reminder; @Canadian_Aviator leads with 2 cookies and @PlanesAndGames with 1, there will only be about three more of these events before the Official AWW Awards so win your cookie asap! Introducing Cookies!

Hint on the prize: It is a certain type of gift certificate that is greater than 15.00 USD. Only the winner will find out! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to confirm your attendance if you haven’t already done so!


Hopefully it’s not too late to say I might join. Got my pro renewed.


Of course anyone can join! I’m going to update the gates this afternoon so just click ur confirmation above.

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Should be able to make it. Looking forward to buttering (or smashing).

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Awesome I added you into your gate! If anything comes up just lmk!

Super stuff! Also, just wanted to ask, is the ‘coming, interested, not going’ thing spread out like this for anyone else:

No it’s not for me at least.

I’ll do some digging!

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Not a big deal, just was pointing it out. Probably just a temporary thing.

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Nevermind, just realised I can’t join. Got a holiday so yea

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No worries, enjoy your holiday!

@oklahomaaviation @PlanesAndGames @Cign @infiniteflight_pilot @Philippe_Gilbert Will you guys be joining us? Please check " Going " or " Not going " asap !!



@PlanesAndGames @Earagail @Canadian_Aviator spawn in 5-10 minutes before the event in the round 1 aircraft. We will be using the AWW discord server in the general chat for communications during the event.

See y’all in 11 hours!


Just writing to say that I’m unsure whether I’ll make it. Had to go to Belfast and might not get back home in time. I’ll still do everything I can to make it.