Pac-Man At 35,000 Feet? Retro Gaming Is Coming To IFE

A new partnership with Panasonic and entertainment giant BANDAI NAMCO is bringing the best of ‘80s gaming to a seatback screen near you. Announced this week, the tie-up will see titles such as Pac-Man and Dig Dug arriving on inflight entertainment systems of some of the world’s top airlines.

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Emirates :pleading_face: ??

But OMG Yaaaay!

Pac Man stresses me out. Although its is nice to see a retro touch in a modern IFE system.

How did it stress you out?

Being chased by colourful ghosts in a maze.

Ahaha, true. Doesn’t stress me.

Ill wait until they decide to work with Rockstar Games and let us play GTA mid flight

interesting if a speedrunner is onboard the plane lol