Passed Instrument Checkride

After about 5 months of consistent training I finally passed my instrument check ride.

Last month, few days before my first check ride date the Cessna 172 G1000 Which had a non - working autopilot was running into issues of using fuel from the right and problem with the fuel quantity indicator. It goes to maintenance the next day. Now the day before my check ride I fly the plane with my CFII and the problem still continues and the fuel selector is on the right tank only and it still takes barely any fuel from the right. So the school basically said no one can fly it and I was switched to a Cessna 172 G1000 with a working autopilot. The problem is I am not used to the autopilot. So my instructor had asked if its required that I know how to use it and he said yes. So my instructor had convinced me that I dont need to know how to use the approach mode because the Airmen certification standards say one non precision approach must be hand flown. So we go up and. she shows me the basics of the autopilot and I am ready for my check ride.

Next day comes I go and do the oral which was fairly easy. I was tested on currency requirements, standard Instrument Departures, Charts, weather, systems, etc. I passed the oral. He then -tells me that we will use the approach mode for a VOR approach, which is autopilot. I told him I never used it which obviously created a problem. I showed him it never said I have to use approach
mode but he showed me where it says he has the right to test me. so after he made a few calls and we talked a few minutes we dis continued the exam.

Today, October 29th, is the flight portion of the Instrument check ride. We go over what approaches we are going to do. Then we went out preflighted and then took off. First we did a hold, then the VOR-A approach into KFUL, then we did the RNAV Z RWY 30 approach partial panel into KLGB, and we did the unusual attitudes, after that we came back on the ILS 20R approach into KSNA. And I passed! the examiner said few small things here and there but overall it went well. Here a photo of the flight we did. If you have any questions feel free to post them below.


That’s awesome, brother. Congrats and have fun flying in the clouds :cloud::cloud:

Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this! I’m just as glad as you are that you passed. Do you know if the other C172 works properly yet? :rofl:

Yes and no. When the fuel selector is both. Fuel only drains from the left tank. But it’ll drain from the right tank when fuel selector is on the right tank