Pratt & Whitney Engines

Recently, there have been a fair few engine failures on airplanes with Pratt & Whitney engines. At this point it’s really seeming like manufacturing defects as they are all across different airlines, and even models of airplanes.
First, on Saturday, UAL328, a Boeing 777 going from DEN to HNL.
Next a Boeing 747 Freighter also equipped with similar P&W engines had a very similar uncontained engine failure: Netherlands: Plane's engine catches fire, dropping debris that injures two people in a Dutch town - CNN
Then there was the Delta 757 with P&W engines as posted here: Delta B757 makes emergency landing after engine failure
What is up with these P&W engines, did they all come off the line at a similar time, are they all of similar models. All this seems like is manufacturing defect, because it’s across 3 different air frames and 3 different airlines.


I’m not really sure what to make of it, I gotta look into it more but, I am interested to see what everyone else thinks!

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I mean, there are no incident reports out yet on any incidents, so we can’t say anything for sure yet. We have to wait for the results of the initial investigations before we really find anything out.

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Both the 744 and 772 have the PW4000 engines, but they are different variants for each aircraft. According to Wiki, the 744 uses the PW4000-94 and the 772 uses the PW4000-112. The 757 uses the PW2000.

I’d say that while there is a problem with the PW4000 (especially on the 4000-112), the fact that all these incidents happened around the same time is pure coincidence.


Right, the 747 and 777 are very similar in engine model, the 757 is engine is a lot more different, but I don’t think we can write that off as coincidence. Well, at least until the initial results come out across all three incidents.

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"A Delta spokeswoman said the plane diverted ‘out of an abundance of caution following an indicator warning of a possible problem with one of its engines.’”

“A person familiar with the matter said the issue was not similar to an engine failure on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight on Saturday.”

Source: Delta flight makes emergency landing in Salt Lake City after engine issue | Reuters

Engine issues happen all the time. In my opinion, it was a pure coincidence that the incident with the 757 happened so soon after the UA 772 situation. Everyone blew it out of proportion because it’s engines also happen to be manufactured by PW.

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I agree with azure, makes sense.

idk, all ik is that JT8D rocks

Also let’s not forget the PW1000G family issues a few years back

Hmmm. Definitely an interesting issue we have here. Wouldn’t think this could happen after the engines have been in the skies for so long. Strange…

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Thanks for posting :+1: Yes I agree. We wait for official reports however it is indeed very strange that that all these PW engines have had problems in a very small space of time.


ignored 100 lol

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There are three total incidents that have happened in the past couple days with Pratt & Whitney engines, yet you think we should ignore the delta incident because it’s a different model engine from a different series as well. I’m just pointing out that there have been issues with lots a P&W engines these past couple days and there is likely some connection between all of them, likely due to manufacturing. However, we can not say for certain until we get NTSB reports and the report from the EU on the 747 over in the Netherlands. I highly doubt it’s just a coincidence, however, my mind is open, for the reports that will be coming out eventually about each individual incident. My guess is all these engines came out at around the same timeframe and there is more than likely something wrong in the manufacturing.

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I didn’t say that, I said that the DL incident was probably hyped up. Not to rely on quotes, but Kirito77 on the IFC summed it up pretty well.

Aircraft make emergency landings all the time for various mechanical reasons, and typically it doesn’t get reported on. It is highly possible that this isn’t as drastic as it’s being made out to be, and is simply gaining a lot of media traction because of the 747 and 777 incidents only recently

Sure, it should be investigated, but I don’t think it’s nearly as serious as what happened with the 777 and 747.

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what I’m saying is there is a common thread between the three incidents, the manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, and because of that, I believe that something is up at Pratt & Whitney, I never said anything about how the Delta incident is being over hyped (which it is). to me it sounded like you were saying we should ignore the delta incident.