Recent Forum FAQ changes March 2022

Hello, fellow aviators!

There are some changes that have been made to our forum Guidelines & TOS.

These changes include the following below and are outlined on the Guidelines - Aviators Worldwide Community.

New changes + edits :

When Posting

When you create a new post, whether this be by starting a new topic or replying to an existing discussion, please be mindful of the following:

  • When posting any images, documents, videos, or other media, please ensure you give credit to the appropriate owner. Credit may be detailed in the media itself or in the accompanying text. This helps support owners. For any “guess the” type topics or games, appropriate credit may be given once a correct guess has been made with the full image. Credit is not necessary for your own material or forum profile. Failure to do so will result in the post being deleted.
  • Please only upload a maximum of 10 photos in any post only - we don’t have unlimited storage space.
  • Avoid uploading large videos directly to the site - you could link to external sites such as YouTube.
  • Memes are to be strictly aviation-related, in line with the guidelines, and should be posted in the Aviation Memes topic.

If anyone has any questions about these changes and their applications please do ask below.

Acknowledge changes:

Whether you acknowledge above or not, you are still expected to follow everything outlined in the forum guidelines and any changes.

Happy Flying,
– AWW Community Team
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This is not up for a vote, these are new changes that have gone into effect. By clicking the accept button, it will know that you have seen the new changes, and you won’t get a daily notification reminding you to accept the new changes. While we appreciate your comments, we will look into it.


I think the changes are reasonable and I’m still satisfied with them, no sure why you wouldn’t agree. I’d love to hear your opinion in DM’s.


Just link to the page where you got the image if no clear author. That could count as a source.

A friendly reminder, by using the forum everyone agrees to follow the guidance we set out.

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I understand the fact that memes has to be aviation since this is an aviation community but I think you all should know aviation isn’t just my hobby, it’s mostly military ones as well including the World war 2 ones. I have some good WW2 non-aviation memes I want to share tbh just on this community tbh so I don’t know how to share them on here now that we are only allowed to share aviation memes on here

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Well first, unfortunately off we can’t accommodate every individual’s requests because then the forum would have no structure. You’re more than welcome to share military aviation memes/images however just regular memes about wars aren’t best suited here. You can also share pictures you have in a topic you create or another topic that suits it (assuming they’re appropriate). I hope that answers your question/concern, trying to accommodate legalities and user requests at the same time can be difficult. We are always open to feedback and will consider everyone’s input.

What is the reason for making it so that the memes are only aviation based? I kinda liked the freedom before.

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Same here, I feel like these new changes just limited my freedom on what I can post and what I can’t

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As you know this is an aviation forum. We like to give everyone some amount of freedom, and a chill space to communicate and that’s why we have a random chat… However, there needs to be a balance. When we were more relaxed about most things we saw insurmountable amounts of spam and certain things that do not add value, unfortunately. We are trying to grow the forum the best we can and when people join they aren’t necessarily getting the whole purpose of the community if they are only seeing random memes and random chat. We reserve the right to modify our guidelines at any time.
However, as I said before we take everything into consideration, to make it an enjoyable place for everyone but this is an aviation forum.
If you would like to continue to provide feedback/suggest ideas feel free to pm or moderators collectively.