Rumor: Blockbuster United Airlines Aircraft Order Next Week

Chicago-based United Airlines is reportedly about to announce a record-breaking aircraft order. Industry insiders tip United Airlines will confirm next week during an investor update. Sources are suggesting this may be the largest aircraft order ever.

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Wow quite interesting. Soon we will have to say goodbye to the 757 :frowning:

@Kineheber You told me this would happen :sob: :crown:

Also a united A321 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The UA 752 will probably go away around 2024-2026 imo

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Wow, United is really keen on orders
First the Boom Overture then this

A321neo? :thinking:
Given that the airline has an existing XLR order it will not be surprising that it decides to buy more A320neo family jets

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And UA really needs a 772 replacement, many of those are from the 90s