Ryanair Branded ‘Evil’ For Barring Kiwi.com Passengers From Flights

Ryanair has been branded ‘evil’ by online travel firm Kiwi.com after the airline revealed it would stop allowing passengers who had booked tickets from the company access to its aircraft. The move comes roughly a year after the Irish low-cost carrier started advising customers that they should only book directly with the airline.

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This was definitely an interesting read. I’m still thinking about who is in the right here. The article seems bias to kiwi.com, so I wonder if there is more to it.

Southwest is also annoyed at this site. If Ryanair is there obviously must be something wrong with Kiwi. This is what SW said…

Kiwi knowingly and intentionally targets the Southwest website to harvest Southwest’s fare and pricing information for its own commercial benefit and without Southwest’s authorization

I think kiwi is trying to make themselves look like victims in their bubble of self-righteousness.


I agree with that

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The only thing that airlines are tying to do is control the sale of tickets and the customer experience after all, shouldn’t an airline be able to control the way their own tickets are sold to their customers not just by an external site who saves millions each year?

Because airlines want a profit they don’t like to get ripped off by sites like these.

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I agree with Ryanair on this occasion.

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Why do you ondr

Why do I agree?

My reasoning is above