Ryanair Plans Zadar Lauda Base For Summer Schedule

Ryanair will be opening a new base in Zadar Airport on the Croatian Adriatic coast this summer. It will do so with an Airbus A320 aircraft from its subsidiary airline, Lauda. However, Ryanair itself, along with Malta Air and Ryanair Sun (Buzz) will be flying to Zadar this summer too. Last year, Ryanair had planned for Lauda to base three A320 aircraft in Zadar, but the pandemic had spoiled these plans.

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@ThomasR you like Ryanair dont you? :crazy_face:

Absolutely! My favourite airline and this is exciting news. :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only thing I like about Ryanair is Michael O’Leary. And I remember how you always used to fly around on IF with the callsign Magic sun1 or something.

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I only like their hard landings to be fair.

Yeah, that’s right. I had it stuck in my head as “Magic someone” at some points after hearing it over and over. Eventually changed it though.

I question the choices you Scottish people make everyday. Pain for fun? Huh :thinking: lol

Ryanair just keeps expanding - EasyJet will always be superior however!

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