Ryanair Says Sorry After Saying Scotland Isn’t A Country

Ryanair has apologized after a staff member told a passenger that “Scotland is not a country.” An Edinburgh family flying with Polish passports but with full Scottish residency were attempting to travel from Lisbon to Edinburgh when Ryanair staff took issue with their testing paperwork. A Ryanair staff member argued that Scotland is not a country and claimed the family was not following the correct COVID rules.

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Sorry @ThomasR. You’ve been told by Ryanair :frowning:


I’ll just call it a province/state rather than an actual country, I found it confusing when it is actually called a country

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It technically is a constituent country of the UK but not a nation in its own right (i.e. not a UN member state.)

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Ah, so their pilots aren’t the only ones making hard landings in that company.

Well, @ThomasR ? Care to comment?

To be fair it’s not. No need to apologize Ryanair lol