Safety announcement


I’ve noticed from a few videos that airlines such as southwest just seem to get a flight attendant to say the safety announcement to the passengers through the PA. Is this still the case?

All budget airlines I’ve flown on have a safety announcement where the flight attendants just press a button on the FAP (flight attendant panel) or CIDS on an airbus and the message plays.

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Oh yes, Cebu Pacific says all their safety announcements over their PAs

It depends I’ve noticed on airlines such as Southwest it’s always done by a FA but on airlines such as United it depends. Some UA aircraft and have TVs where the safety video is displayed others don’t where there are no TVs and the FA give the announcements…

I’ve never seen this button pressing safety feature thing though lol.

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Southwest still has FA’s do it. United it’s around 50/50.


Pls, I saw this topic and said why is staff announcement showing to me :expressionless:

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because the original poster, @Ondrej is pretending to be staff :wink:


Thanks for clarifying.

Depends on the airline. Southwest is huge on friendly service, so it makes sense that they do in-person safety announcements. American, which I usually fly, does have a prerecorded safety announcement on all flights, including American Eagle flights operated by Envoy.

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Not to be a boomer, but technology has gone too far. Let the humans do the announcements. It’s more personal and pax would rather here a flight attendant giving the r safety briefing than a corporate robot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Yes it is but I prefer a simple annoucncemt that I know will remain the same. Basically something I am familiar with. Luckily the easyJet one is a person not a robot :crazy_face:

I can almost recite the entire easyjet safety announcement (sad) but if it was just said it would always be different.

That’s why you fly southwest, they make it humorous

I don’t want it to be that humorous. I just want to get into the air.

This is the funniest out there in my opinion

Correction. Southwest does have some recorded ones since that’s what I had when flying from MCO-AUS but it is normally a person.