Some Thai Airways Staff Have Allegedly Been Faking Their Deaths

An embarrassing case of fraud has arisen at Thai Airways recently. There are allegations that at least 26 staff have faked their own death to claim significant funeral payouts from the airline. This is even more alarming as these claims could have been made as early as 2013, and the staff continued to work for the airline. How this happened and how it has not been discovered until now is baffling.

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Well this is odd aha! So people died for the funeral payouts isn’t that illegal fraud? Welp they have no job now aha!

I see a little problem… If you are dead you can’t claim unless you are a zombie but then you will be after brains not money lol.

I presume their families claim it for them aha! Always work arounds for people desperate for money… Faking your now death though… damn! :flushed:

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Nothing new to people of Fiji.