Southwest Faces Lawsuit After Passenger Removed Mask For Water

Southwest has been sued by a passenger who was reportedly removed from a flight after taking off her mask to drink water. The traveler reportedly drank water periodically due to a documented medical condition, but flight attendants ordered her off the plane. The incident took place in January 2021.

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I think that this is just silly but with the massive compensation culture in America very predictable. Although I do support this case as it shows how hostile rule following fanatics can be and cause unneeded problems.

I think this is an extremely important point to clarify as it isn’t about being anti mask its just about being allowed to do normal things people do like eat and drink and this should never be taken away from anyone.

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Hmmm did I get nudged because I’ve done this before or… @Ondrej :rofl:

Not suggesting anything lol. Feel free to voice your opinion though.

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Will do. I certainly do not blame this passenger, and, as I stated above, have definitely done this on numerous occasions: keep the mask down and take a sip of water or a bite to eat whenever a flight attendant is around. I do this for a good reason; not just simply to be a rule breaker. God definitely did not make us to breathe through a piece of fabric, especially not when 40,000 feet in the air. (Yes, yes, I know the cabin is pressurized, but it still affects you somewhat.) So simply put, I kinda like breathing. Especially living in the South, wearing a mask is something I haven’t been forced to do much, so I haven’t gotten used to it. I thank God for that. I believe that the risk of brain damage due to mask wearing is much greater than the small chance you’ll get covid without one. Never wearing a mask and living normally has improved my immunity greatly, I haven’t had anything worse than a cold since this whole thing began. I also believe that health choices should be left up to an individual and not an airline, gov’t, etc.

Wow this escalated quickly. Definitely did not mean to turn this into a political debate lol. I would love to talk more, PM me if you want to.