Spacecraft, Aliens, & the unknown

Hey everyone!

So recently in the past 1-2 years there has been an increase in sightings of what has believed to be UFO’s!!
The pentagon, Israeli, and other foreign governments have confirmed that their military forces have confirmed that they their people have caught such unidentified aircraft in the dark!

Personally I think this is true and I do believe there are other beings out there that are more advanced than us and some that are not. I’d like to really know what you guys think about this and how something like this could impact our lives!! Think about how “aliens” have been perceived in movies, and books… we may actually see other beings in the years to come if these “sightings” continue! If they are here and we see them more would aviation be impacted, would people be afraid to fly or excited to fly?

Check out these informational sources:
1: Pentagon releases UFO videos for the record - BBC News
2: Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it
3: Scientists theorize that space aliens may already be here, but we don't recognize them

This topic will remain in #rwa.

Check out the sources and state your belief and opinions below!


Or Aliens think that this is a normal planet with no living beings because it is a blue marble <3

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We’ll they have been flying by our aircraft and ships so I think they know.

But yes this is all a matrix. :wink:

What do you think though, for real?

I have no comment. I would like to find more about these sightings.

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I respect that, yea it is hard to have an opinion without having actually seen something or having more occurences of these “sightings.”
You can check out the articles I linked, they may be helpful depending on what you already know. :slight_smile:

Aliens are real, no doubt. There are so many photos of them, like the ones a NASA rover caught on accident.

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Yep I agree, but they need to stop fooling with us and just come say hi. But we are a pretty destructive world so I wouldn’t blame them for not approaching. I just hope if they do come that they can teach us how to keep our planet healthy and not keep destroying it; because they are obviously more advanced…

What if I’m the only real person, and everyone else is aliens in disguise.

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I don’t know about everyone…

But there could be some bots out there.

It’s such a complex topic, and there is so much we don’t know… that anything could be possible!

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What if your an alien?

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I mean my spirit & soul has lived hundreds of years so I very well could be.

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When you have a bit of time to listen. Personally I think the line of debate is clear and it has been argued in a reasonable and sophisticated way.