Spain Said To Be Eyeing Travel Corridor For Vaccinated Brits

Spain is in talks with Britain to establish a travel corridor for vaccinated Brits looking to travel this summer. While the EU is working towards a health passport across the bloc, Spain is also making plans if such a project does not come through. British tourists are a key market for Spanish tourism, making quarantine-free travel very important for any recovery.

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Ooh what are y’all’s thoughts on this? Maybe head to Spain for a summer vacation for those in Britain?

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I’m not in Britain :upside_down_face: but i’d love to go to spain right about now! I’d probably go down to seville (S-e-v-i-l-l-a). I’m curious to learn more about this “health passport” do you guys think this will become more common?

Yes it probably will. Not sure how effective it will be though.

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Yeah I agree, most likely one of those things that seems big and that would have an impact but doesn’t lol.