Spirit Airlines Files Extensive Complaint Against American & JetBlue

Spirit Airlines has filed an extensive complaint against the Northeastern Alliance (NEA) with American Airlines and JetBlue. Spirit is worried that the alliance is essentially a way of consolidating competition that, coupled with American’s Alaska Airlines partnership, will amount to American Airlines dominating in the US while other carriers remain shut out of major markets.

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Now this is news :eyes:

I’ll read this later its too long :sweat_smile:

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Spirit is the CRJ of American Airlines

Well I’m sorry dear to hurt your feelings. I think you would attract more business if you made your seats more humane-feeling and increased your legroom a smudge. Also, your planes smell like used Clorox wipes, so fix that as well. After that, you are on track to taking your training wheels off and competing with the big boys.


Literally every passenger that has flown your garbage airline