Spooktober Aviation Riddles Contest!

Hello everyone!

Spooktober is here and we’re all in the mood for a good scare! I’ve come up with an idea to get the community thinking!

The basis of the game is as follows:

There will be a leaderboard. Everyone will start with 0 points and a new riddle will be posted each day. The first user to guess the correct answer to the riddle will win 3 points! Each riddle will have a Halloween connection and an aviation connection hidden within! However, there is more! If anyone would like to submit their own riddles, they will also receive 3 points as a thank you for submitting one. Please note, the riddle must be approved by me before points are earned.

I appreciate every effort that is made to participate!


Position User Points
1 @CaptainLeo1 12
1 @Rolls 12
1 @ThomasR 12
2 @Kineheber 9
2 @Zhopkins 9
3 @clayviation 6
3 @hi15td 6
3 @Ondrej 6
4 @texasaviation 3

The first riddle will be posted soon.

Other rules:

  • You may not answer your own riddle. If you do so, points will be deducted.

  • The person who reads first in this thread will receive the points. Please do not dm me or anyone to answer.

  • DO NOT CHEAT. Don’t pm anyone asking for answers because this is not acceptable and points will be deducted and you may disqualified. Keep it fair!

  • As this is a special Halloween event, if we can get lots of participation I will include a prize at the end. It does depend on participation though.

  • Polls will close at 1500Z and new riddleswill be announced shortly after.

  • Tag me if you have any questions!


Riddle 1: Imagine a plane you are flying on is crashing. If you can’t stop the plane, fly the plane, jump out of it, or save the aircraft in any other way. What will it take to save yourself?

I’d like to note that they will all be aviation related and maybe not Halloween related as it has proven hard to combine the two, but I’ll be making all the banners Halloween themed and keep it as Halloweeny as possible!


Noooo, just switch it around

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Got to keep it aviation related. Well switch between the two :wink:

My response may be questionable but could be right lol. (definitely not but cool idea)

Okay so assuming the ocean or a body of water is on one side of the plane we will have everyone get up and stand/sit on the other side to push the weight and possibly turn the plane if needed someone will go through cargo door and push stuff to one side, then once we can no longer see the water that means we are on course, now assuming we are at a nosedive or something like that we need to slow down fast and get the nose up a little so everyone will go to the back of the plane and sit there and take position for impact, they will also move cargo to the back doing a full weight shift. This may make the landing/crash softer in the water and I may survive…?

You’ve overthought it. It’s very simple, look at what is written and how the riddle is written and look closely at what the person is doing.

Hope that helps.

None of the riddles will be technical or have very long answers either, just as a disclaimer.

Lol I just that would be a fun answer :slight_smile:


key word “you” …Then I will have the pilot stop the plane? :smirk:

Not that either. Look moreso at the first sentence, which has the key word in it.

I have an idea! I’ll set up a poll of possible answers, with results not being shown and whoever gets it right can get the points so we can move on quicker.

Riddle 1
  • Calm down the nerves.
  • Stop imagining
  • Brace for impact.
  • Teleport using witchcraft hehe.

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Just choose 1 option please, I’ll sort the poll our right next time.

I’ve heard something similar to this before.

Sorry for the hiccups! The correct answer was stop imagining!

3 points to:


Thanks to all who participated! New riddle soon!


Riddle 2!

When is it bad luck to see a black cat?

Riddle 2
  • When it’s dark and you can’t see. You might trip.
  • When It’s Hallowe’en night.
  • When you’re a mouse,
  • When you’e eating your lunch crossing the road.

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Only choose 1 answer, or your answer will not count and you will be disqualified from the competition!

Voting closes 1500Z tomorrow (Zulu time)


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that one before. :joy:

You may have! Good luck!

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I guessed the only one that sounds correct. I feel the mouse is very obvious but a trick question?

Who knows, it could be?

10 voters is an amazing number! Keep them coming in!