Spotting a Max9 @KSAT

Today after a baseball tournament finished (My team got 3rd) I decided to go spotting at KSAT. As I was on my way I saw a Max9 had pushed back from the gate. As it departed I snapped a few photos of it.
Here are the photos.

It is flying as UAL759 on service from KSAT to KDEN. The photos were taken on a iPhone 11 Pro.

I hope that I will be able to spot this many more times in the future.


Nice shots! SAT seams like a cool airport, I’d like to go there and to Austin!

Don’t worry Texas I’m still coming to dal.


It is really cool. Some of the special flights that we’ve had in the last week have been SouthWest 737-Max8 daily KLAS-KSAT, KSAT-KLAS, United 737-Max9 KSAT-KDEN, Delta A220-100 KDTW-KSAT, KSAT-KDTW, American Airlines/Air Canada 787’s doing testing flights out of KSAT, Lufthansa giving a MD-11f to UPS.

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Imagine you’re on a flight and midway through your airplane just decides to “delete”.


I like the 2nd picture :framed_picture:

Hope you enjoyed spotting at KSAT and I can’t wait to see more pictures :sunglasses:

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Can’t believe I made that mistake.