Spotting planes, from a plane

This is a photo of a PSA Airlines CRJ-900 taxing to runway 7L at KDAB that I took after landing a ERAU Cessna 172 on runway 7L. You can see some of the Daytona International Speedway in the background as well.

  • Location: The intersection of taxiway N and N4
  • Aircraft: CRJ-900
  • Registration: N560NN
  • Airline: American Eagle(operated by PSA Airlines)
    Photo was taken by my instructor because of stupid rules by Riddle

Nice photo! Loved the colorful sky!


Nice photo! The sky looks awesome too!!!

@Felix @CaptainLeo1 what can I say with the timing of my flight block I was anyways landing in that light, it was great, the sky really is just a bonus.

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