Start Of An Era: JetBlue Touches Down In London Heathrow

Last night, JetBlue Flight B620 left New York JFK to land at London Heathrow just over seven hours later at 09:36 BST this morning. Simple Flying was there to welcome the hybrid carrier to the United Kingdom as it celebrated the inauguration of its transatlantic flights.

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Nice! Hope it all goes well from here and there won’t be any complications. Not sure if I’d like to spend 7 hours in a small aircraft though.

Like I always say, why don’t they just get a freaking A330

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Yeah that would have worked. Its still an airbus so it fits in well with their current fleet.

Imo any airline with A320s (JetBlue, Spirit, EasyJet for example) should get those. Like who would want to fly in such a small thing across the ocean bruh


You know, that very A321LR they used could be more comfortable than many widebody aircraft.

The thing is, many 777s nowadays (which are sometimes used on much longer flights) have a seat width in economy class of 17’’ or even less, while the JetBlue A321LR, which is a much smaller plane, offers up to 18’’.

In terms of pitch, the B6 A321 isn’t uncomfortable at all by today’s standards. The average economy class seat on the JetBlue A321 has a generous 32 inches of pitch, and just compare that to some airlines with just a pitch of 30’’ on widebodies.

As for Mint, it is comparable to most long-haul business class products, and might be even better than some airlines which still have the dated 2-2-2 or 2-3-2 configuration, depending on the plane.

Still, it’s amazing to see JetBlue fly transatlantic on the A321! Additionally this isn’t really a start of an era since one of the first jet aircraft to fly long-haul, the 707, was a narrowbody. Therefore, this can be considered as going back to the past but in a modern way!

Their A321s, after looking at data, are more comfortable than many (yes, many) other long-haul widebodies! :wink:

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That’s good then! :sweat_smile:

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Finally! I totally have to try this route out in real life sometime

Following the arrival of the first-ever JetBlue passenger flight to London Heathrow from New York JFK this morning, Simple Flying had the opportunity to have a look at the interior of the hybrid airline’s Airbus A321LR that performed the service. Crafted with transatlantic missions in mind, let’s take a look at registration N4022J’s cabin.

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I could totally fly this economy class for a 16 hour flight honestly. So pretty and comfortable looking!

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