Summer 2021 Forum Changes

Hello everyone,

Our community is an amazing place to be. Every time you sign in, you are surrounded by people who have to same interests as you all around the world. Isn’t that cool? That is why behind the scenes we are constantly working hard to ensure the community is an even better and safer place and this is why we are making some changes. Listed below are some of the main changes we are implementing. We are always open to feedback so if you have any ideas message our friendly staff or create a topic in the #meta category.

FaQ Revamp

We saw this as an important thing to do because the FaQ is what keeps the community safe and civil. When editing, our main goal was to make it easier to read and understand for everyone. In addition, we have added the consequence as a quick reference for moderators and general users. This should help streamline across the board and also set the bar of what is/isn’t acceptable.

Suspension Table

This was changed to keep in line with our newly updated FaQ. There are now new misconduct rows and updated sanctions. The suspension table is more of a guide, we reserve the right to deviate from the table if necessary. Please review these changes here:

Category Changes

The #general category (Experimental)

We are currently trialing an opt-in style system with our main general category. This change was made in an effort to keep in line with our purpose which is of course, aviation. As a result of this, in order to see the content in #general, you must join the @General group which will automatically grant you access. (Staff do not need to join as they have been granted automatic access) This should help the main board host more aviation related topics. We value your feedback on this change, feel free to create a new topic in our #meta and let’s discuss!

The #blog category

The #blog category has been given a new look via a theme component. You can see an example here Wild Atlantic Aviation Geeks - Blog

Other changes

These other category changes took place to tidy up the community:

Thanks for your continued support! We look forward to the future of Aviators Worldwide! Stay tuned over the coming months as we introduce more cool things, celebrate our anniversary, and much more! Invite your friends today :wink:

— Aviators Worldwide Community Team


I can’t even lmao

Great changes!

Just want to reiterate this point for everyone - this is a new change for us. We’re giving this a trial and really value feedback on this in the #meta category. If you come across this and are missing #general access, simply join the group here: General - Aviators Worldwide. This helps to eliminate non-aviation relations from the main forum. If this is successful, we may consider opening subscribing to other areas but this is TBD.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!


I’ve gone ahead and added you manually. The group settings allow users to join and leave freely so not being able to join is an impossible scenario.

Edit : I’ve just learnt what ‘I can’t even’ means so I completely misinterpreted your reply.

Super stuff! Exciting times ahead!


Hmm, can’t create topics in #general anymore

You should be able to do so if in the group. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it just worked. At first I join the group but didn’t work, probably just didn’t refresh

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Hello everyone just an update. It has been decided that the #general category will now be accessible to everyone. There is no need to be part of a group. We were giving the category a trial but its better without restrictions.