Taking my dads flying on his birthday

This past Saturday, on my dads birthday, I decided to rent a plane and take him flying around Southern California.

We went to the place where we had rent the plane which is Orange County Flight Center (OCFC). When we first got there the METAR showed VFR but looking outside it did not seem VFR. So I went into the lobby area and used one of the computers to view more weather sources (I had also done research prior) and it seemed like only the SoCal area was bad but all the other airports that we were going to seemed to have good visibility. Finally I saw it finally get sunny to the point were I was comfortable. So we went out preflighted, taxied out and took off.

as we were climbing it was cloudy at 3000’ and the METAR showed Scattered clouds but it did not seem cloudy. I was trying to figure out how to get above the clouds because there were small patches of blue skies but nothing seemed to be big enough for me. At this point I was wishing I had my instrument rating, not cause I was in a dangerous spot but I could have been on an IFR flight plan and go right through the clouds. I finally saw a big enough patch where I could circle to climb. Which as I was clircling and climbing ATC gave me a heading for traffic which I took but very shortly after told me to resume own navigation and by that time I was clear of clouds.

(I do not know why it seems like we are super close to the clouds)

We got passed the clouds and flight went as planned we flew near KONT and near KSBD. and we got super close to the mountains and got to see the snow on the mountains on the left side of the plane. Which was an amazing sight. And the right side of the plane there was mountains and they were mostly covered by clouds.

After we got through the mountains I tuned into the ATIS for Victorville and the METAR read

KVCV 131745Z 27012G24KT 10SM SKC A3020

Which that was a descent crosswind (landing runway was 21) near my max crosswind limits for landing. and we landed overall my landing was smooth and definitely greased it for a crosswind landing. after we landed we went to million air parking and walked and looked at the planes for a bit refueled and took off again for Bakersfield.

As we took off I made a North departure so my dad could get more photos of the planes there were Delta 777s SWA 737 MAX aircraft (not pictured) and my personal favorite was looking out into the graveyard with grounded/retired planes.

After that we had turned around going in a South Direction as I was expecting to remain outside of the restricted airspace that is near Edwards Air Force Base But as soon as I got in contact with Joshua approach they said “Cleared through the R-2515 restricted airspace at or above 7000” I was extremely happy because I knew I would be able to fly near Edwards Air Force Base. Which has super long runways in the sand (unfortunately you cant see those runways)

And we flew over Mojave air and Space airport (KMHV) which I do not know much about but I did see retired airplanes there as well which I thought was cool. We followed a road towards KBFL and there was mountains around us which we got alot of turbulence. and one occasion my dad and I had hit our heads on the ceiling but that was the worse of it.

shortly after we had landed in Bakersfield. I flew the ILS. Now everything was still visual but because it was not that busy I tuned the ILS frequency in and briefed the approach for practice. had a nice landing in Bakersfield. we had plans on stopping but we wanted to get home so I taxiied to the runup did a quick run through of the run up checklist and we were off again.
The flight home was nice followed a freeway home which isnt that hard to do lol. my favorite part on this leg was the fact that we went through LAX Bravo airspace. We took the coastal route going home and here is a picture of LAX international.

and we flew over Huntington Beach Pier, and then entered a left downwind for landing at KSNA and landed. Overall it was alot of fun flying with my dad and he had a blast flying with me. Here is the foreflight tack log of the flights.

The pictures with the red dot in the upper right corner my dad took. If you want more photos PM me please I would have loved to share more but unfortunately there is a limit.


Tyler99 is Tyler_Shah then, it’s been a while, since US Airways Virtual, nice to see ya around again. How much does that foreflight sub cost you?


WOW!!! This is amazing Tyler!!! Your dad must have loved it!!
Great pilot you are!!

@Kineheber He wen’t do go visit Brian!!

Keep it up this is really cool, thanks for explaining the journey too!! :muscle: :crown:

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What he said.

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Yes that’s me.

The one I have is $300 year. As I have Canada region as well. I fly there in IF quite often.


How do you afford that :joy: quite impressive! And very beautiful pics, sounds like you had a lot of fun!


I had a job lol. I quit cause I hated it and was going to have another one but last year happened. I think I don’t have to say why lol. My dad has fortunately helped me with a lot of it since last year.


Well enjoy it :wink:


Awww that’s nice of you! Hope he had a great time!

Looks incredible!!

The new LAX terminal caught my eye… I’d want to claim to edit into Infinite Flight that but with 3D buildings being practically obvious for LAX (because of its popularity) I’d probably have to work with staff for that… If I was to be the one to claim it lol…

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I’d love to see it does it done :+1:

That’s awesome! That’s the thing that excites me most about getting my license, just renting a plane and taking a trip somewhere

Yea that is always one thing that is just amazing, I live in Michigan (Go to school in Indiana but COVID) and one day the weather was actually descent and a plane was available so I decided to go rent and fly a plane. and I was just thinking how amazing it is I can just rent and go fly a plane basically anytime I want to. If you struggle with any topics or have any questions throughout training Dont hesitate to PM me

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Must feel incredible taking your dad on a flight. I’m starting my Training soon. Very excited.


Thanks. I’m only at 3 hours right now so doing slow flight, stalls and patterns

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