The A330 Has Arrived to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

The A330 has arrived for Microsoft Flight Simulator this week by Project Mega Pack.
I am about to land in Paris after my first flight in the aircraft from Iceland paying respects to WOW Air which sadly no longer flies anymore :sob:

Has anyone flown the A330 yet? If so does the A330 meet your expectations?
Leave your opinions below.


Not in MFS but, I have flown it irl and the aircraft itself was cool but I flew with a meh airline so the flight wasn’t too good.

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Flew A330 with Aer Lingus back in 2017. Very good flight. Although we were denied boarding and put on the flight a day after… :confused:

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Lol that must have been quite the airport adventure! At least it was a good flight tho! :slight_smile: @oklahomaaviation


Yeah Aer Lingus is such a great airline. They’re always a blast to fly when I go to Ireland.


Haven’t had the chance to download MSFS. Really excited though.

Aer Lingus is so underrated, its staff are amazing (it was swissport who was quite annoying lol), and comfort onboard is quite good. As soon as an Aer Lingus livery comes out im defo gonna do a Longhaul over the atlantic with the airline,


Aer Lingus :heart_eyes:

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Cannot wait until the livery is added lol