The CR929 – The Plane Set To Challenge Airbus & Boeing

Since Boeing acquired McDonnell-Douglas in 1997, it and European manufacturer Airbus have made up an industry-dominating manufacturing duopoly. Smaller manufacturers have found this to be a difficult force to reckon with, particularly in terms of long-range, widebody aircraft. However, a Chinese-Russian joint venture known as CRAIC is aiming to challenge this in the next decade with its proposed CR929 jetliner.

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This is awesome

This is interesting as its still in early stages. I don’t know if airlines will purchase this as they have always used either Boeing or Airbus. In addition introducing a new aircraft to the fleet requires training which costs money.

I was watching this interesting video that summed things up very nicely

It looks like an A350 / 787 slapped together to me. Plus it doesn’t have the same or larger range than the 787 which gives Boeing an advantage.